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5 days free challenge to Becoming globally recognized using your story/message
(It's not as complicated as you think)

Have you ever thought of what your legacy will be?

Have you ever looked through someone's page online and wish you could achieve your impact ideas the way they do?  You probably either have a running business or you're employed but you see yourself impacting more people globally. Then this free challenge is for you.

"I would be giving you access to the challenge worth $1500 for free"

This is for you if...

  • you have a story or a message that can inspire people. 
  • you have an impact idea that could change Africa or the world.
  • you have tried different things to put your message out there and you're not really sure it's working.
  • you know there is more to you than your job, your sales and a generation would be helped because you came.
  • you want to build a legacy instead of being boxed in a label. 
  • you want your message to be heard globally.
  • you want to have lots of speaking engagements and be on TV, radio and the mainstream media.
  • you are tired of saying congratulations to everyone else on their own impact work and you know it's your time.

This is NOT for you if...

  • you have never thought of impacting on a global space.
  • you are not an employee or an entrepreneur. 
  • you want a quick scheme to fame without the doing the work that impact brings.
  • you don't want to put in any effort.

These are the benefits of the CHALLENGE!

As an employee or an entrepreneur, you can become a change-maker on fire once you learn how to:

Clarify your message

Get your changemaker checklist

This checklist will be sent to you after you register.

Get your message to the global audience

Clarify your vision/audience

Gain local and international recognition

Become more efficient impact strategy to get you reaching more people in a short time

Why should you listen to me...

In 2017, I published my first book that talked about how I was sexually abused for four years, failed in school and was rejected in my childhood till when I triumphed. It was a message of healing and wholeness.

In less than 2 months, my message had reached many I had never known in different countries, from platforms to platforms.

It's been five years of using my  message to impact my community, both free and paid programs and I have helped over 500 people get on this journey to global impact with local and international recognitions and YOU CAN BE THE NEXT BIG THING.

Quick secret? The world needs your story/message more than ever before. It would save a whole generation and you will be celebrated for it too.

My goal for you? After this challenge, you would never say "I am struggling to begin my global impact journey". Whether this means standing on a stage or doing community work.

So stay with me, I'll help you make this a reality. Register below.

With love,

Vera Alex

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"You set me on the path I always wanted to go, You literally gave me a 4 years shortcut. Thank you Vera."

Lubem Ajiva, Cinematographer, Speaker


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